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FAQ Friday – Bill rate

Q: What is a bill rate? Are companies able to disclose this information?

A: A bill rate is basically the full amount of money a facility is able to pay a travel company for their traveler. Essentially, it is an all-encompassing hourly wage.

Everything is a part of the bill rate. Think of it as a pie. There are slices for everything including the traveler’s hourly wage, tax free housing stipend, food stipend, reimbursements, the profit the company makes, etc.

Rightfully so, the traveler gets the majority of the metaphorical pie.

Many travelers often ask what the agency’s portion is and if they can view the facility-travel company contract for transparency. Honestly, the answer varies.

Every facility pays a different bill rate. They all have to stick to their budgets. That said, there will always be different factors that will determine the agency’s slice of the pie. Travel companies do not have a certain percentage they are always paid to bring on talented travelers. If they get a lower rate from a facility, they will naturally get less profit to keep the traveler’s portion fair.

Regarding the transparency of the bill rate, many companies cannot disclose the actual bill rate. Ultimately, the contract established between the facility and Travel Company is confidential. The business relationship between the two could be compromised if that information is given to anyone. They don’t want everyone to know what they pay for travelers for more than one reason.

So, how do you know if you are being treated fairly?

One of the most difficult things to do in life is to trust others. It’s so hard to believe in the goodness and integrity of people. It’s understandable. But, in travel healthcare, it is necessary to trust your recruiter/travel company.

An important fact to remember is that you are a team. You are in this together. It doesn’t behoove the company to give you less than what is possible.

There are many companies that do business with integrity and good in their hearts. Find them.

What other questions do you have about travel? Comment below!

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