Friday FAQ: Exclusive Jobs

Q:  What is an exclusive job?  How does it benefit me?

A:  An exclusive job refers to a travel assignment that only one travel company has.

A travel company gets the exclusive job when they have a great relationship with a facility and earns their business exclusively.

Why would a facility only work with one travel company?

There could be a few reasons. First, it is easier to work with one company so you only have one contact instead of many. Second, they may only have one or two openings every once in a while. Lastly, the travel company likely earned their trust by showing the facility they can provide great candidates to fill the openings.

That said, this helps travelers in a couple of ways. Typically, the travel company will have direct contact with the hiring managers, which will usually speed up the hiring process! Also, the facilities are usually more willing to negotiate pay if needed.


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