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Be Proactive with Licensing

Most travel healthcare professionals get into it for just that reason: to travel and explore different cities, states, and facilities. Depending on your modality and state laws this could require a new license or several new licenses. There are many things travel healthcare professionals can do to speed up the process of getting their licenses processed in new states. Here are a few quick and easy steps that will decrease your licensing processing times:

  1. Be proactive in researching the licensing process of the state you want to travel to. Make sure to check out the state board website and see how often the board meets and if there are document due dates.
  2. Verify if fingerprints are needed. If fingerprints are needed, getting them done in the state you are attempting to get your license in can sometimes significantly decrease the time it takes your license to be processed.
  3. Call the licensing board and ask if they can take electronic state verifications, transcripts, etc. If they can, check with the states you currently have licenses in to see if they can send electronically. If they cannot send verifications electronically, see if you can have it expedited or sent via an express mail service to the new state.
  4. Some states require that you have personal letters of reference sent directly to the board as part of the application process. Make sure to check with any reference you may ask that they are willing to send on your behalf and that they understand it is a time sensitive matter.
  5. Check to see if there is any exam such as a Jurisprudence exam that you will need to complete and pass before getting your license issued. Some states have it online and you can print your answers off and send in with your application. Others require you take a proctored exam. If you have to take a proctored exam, schedule it as soon as you can to avoid delays.
  6. Express mail your application and any other items you need in order to get your license on time for your next assignment.
  7. Check in with the board frequently once you have submitted your application to see if things are missing. If you can check your status of your application via the board website do so and follow up with a call if you believe they are missing something you already sent in.

If you do the above things you will find yourself in a good position of getting licensed quickly and in time for your next adventure!

Lori Flahive is a Team Lead for the Rehab Therapy division of Aureus Medical Group.

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