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I was recently on an excursion in Mexico when my tour guide provided me with the inspiration for this blog. He gave us some advice: “We will have a great time as long as we have great attitudes.” He continued on to say that, “Although we can’t change things like the weather and temperature of the ocean, we can always make sure we have great attitudes and in return, will have a great day!” What great advice – advice that goes far beyond a snorkeling excursion in Mexico.

There are so many things in our world that we can’t change. There is one thing for certain that we can: our attitudes. In my career, we talk a lot about our ‘circle-of-control’. We can move mountains to make positive changes and advancements to those things that are in our circle, but outside of that, we find ourselves with those things that we personally can’t change. The good news is our attitudes and perceptions of them can, to still find the good and be successful! I want to shed some light on a few things and situations we may find ourselves in that can’t be changed.

We’ll get started with an easy one…

Weather: Of course we can’t change the weather. Being from Nebraska, I seem to know that all too well! Maybe a cold and rainy fall day took away a day at your local pumpkin patch, however; that also sounds like a great day to curl up with some cider and watch football or a movie. Huge snowstorms cancel all of your family’s plans? What better opportunity to go sledding or build a snowman? You don’t even need to find an excuse to miss class or take off work!

Okay, we’re getting the idea. These get more personal…

The past: Yes I know its cliché, but this one is as true as it gets. Being human gives us the incredibly powerful ability to make mistakes and learn from them. Although you can’t change them, the best part is you have the opportunity to learn and grow from them. Each day we wake up with another day in our past, adding to the wealth of knowledge that we have to draw upon to be more successful in the future.

Time: The clock doesn’t stop, even if we do. I was blessed with my first nephew last December and watching him grow has really put in perspective how quickly time flies! Hindsight is always 20/20, but as we learned from the previous topic, we can’t go back to the past. The time is now. Each minute, each day, week, or month is an opportunity to take the plunge on all of those ‘someday’ aspirations to lose weight, go back to school, or maybe just be happier.

Actions and words of others: This one couldn’t be truer, right? You never know what is going to come your way! Even though there can be a lot of negativity in what is said and done by others, your reaction and how you move forward is always up to you. Commit to having a positive attitude to reduce the negative impact of others who don’t.

Having a positive attitude helps you find the silver lining when things lie outside of your circle-of-control. For all of you job seekers out there, you have likely experienced (or will experience) many things regarding your job search that are out of your control.

Availability: The job market is ever-changing. Starting in grade school, there was a structure and timeline in place for us. After high school or college– FREEDOM! Well…not really. Employers have certain hiring schedules, differing turnover rates, and other factors that affect the number of openings available AND when they’re looking to have someone start. These factors may not line up with what you had in mind in terms of finding and starting a new position. That’s okay. Take advantage of the opportunity to relax a bit or go on vacation. Open your mind to all the possibilities that might present themselves. What a perfect time to prioritize your preferences in the event that multiple opportunities come available at once!

Location: This one goes hand in hand with availability. Just as the timeline and number of opportunities don’t follow a neat schedule, finding a position in one particular location isn’t as easy as it sounds. But think of the possibilities! No openings in your hometown? You’ve got a whole state to choose from! There may be some really great cities and towns you’ve never heard of right there in your home state. Maybe you’ve even thought about a temporary travel position. There are ALWAYS openings available for contract work. Think of it as a ‘working vacation’. You can start working right away while experiencing a whole new part of the country and still have your home-base to go back to at any time. The best part is you get paid for it! Keeping your mind open and your attitude positive opens so many doors that may have otherwise been closed.

The power of a positive attitude is truly amazing in how it can change the perception and impact of certain situations. I challenge you to embrace a positive change, always look for the silver linings, and enjoy the ride of adventure! I shared a few examples today, what else have you personally experienced?

Joleen Rupe-Hueftle joined Aureus Medical Group in May 2015 as a Recruiter in the Nursing division. She is now a Student Outreach Coordinator for the Rehab Therapy division. In her free time, Joleen enjoys spending time with family, running, cooking, and baking.

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