The Savvy Traveler

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Problems can and will happen while traveling or while on an assignments. Planning ahead for problems and emergencies can prevent huge headaches and delays. We’ve provided a few tips on how to be a savvy traveler.

Be patient and don’t panic. Did you lose your wallet, and left without an ID to board your flight? No big deal. I promise they will let you on the plane, after a few personal questions that really make you wonder how do THEY know this?!

Hide extra cash. An emergency stash hidden in another part of your baggage is a necessity in the event your card stops working, the ATM runs out of money, etc.

Make friends with the locals. Who knows where to eat and where to find the fun better than those living in the area!

Bring ear plugs and headphones. You may need to retreat away from the sounds of crying babies, unpleasant conversations or loud neighbors.

Luggage. Invest in at least 1-2 well made pieces. The best sets will fit one bag in the overhead and one bag under the seat. Look for 4 wheels that rotate 360 degrees vs two wheels that move in a straight line. Check airline restrictions for luggage measurements to avoid costly fees at the gate.

Pre-plan daily outfits. Plan on working out? Bring extra socks just in case. Avoid over packing by coordinating one pair of shoes for multiple outfits.

Pack your carry-on thoughtfully. In the event your luggage is lost include electronics, prescriptions, chargers, valuables, change of clothes, a few snacks, & a mini first aid kit. Carry a book for travel delays. Keep your keys in your carry-on.

Book flights 3-4 months out. The best days to search for flights are Tuesday and Wednesday.

Roll your clothes. Maximizes space and decreases wrinkles.

Plastic bags will save you. Bring extra. Pack all liquids in a plastic bag. Your shampoo doesn’t look great on your garments.

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