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Connecting on the Road

One of the most common hesitations we encounter when it comes to accepting an offer is the fear of traveling alone or to an area where the therapist doesn’t have any connections or friends close by. When talking with my current travelers, in my experience, many people are looking forward to the work but are uncertain about the time when they are not working. Connecting with people outside of work can be a challenge if you are in the area for a short time or if you want to expand your social circle outside of your coworkers.

The first thing I suggest is to ask your Account Manager and or Recruiter for any travelers they can personally connect you with. This can be a great resource for you before you arrive on housing locations and more detailed info on the area. If you hit it off, they can be a good way to ease into your new social circle.

You can also try your hand with social media connections. There are numerous groups and apps for meeting up with other travelers. Many will have suggestions on exercise classes, local festivals, book clubs, or people looking to hang out and try different restaurants. Instagram is a great way to connect with others who have worked in your area and find different ideas for your weekend plans. Look for cultural events. Many are free (bonus!) and will give you an automatic topic to discuss with others attending the event.

Many travelers are involved in their communities and miss that when they travel. This is another good way to stay connected with projects that are near to you and to find new friends based on common interests. What better way to connect than a project that is important to you?

Finally – be open and say yes! It can be hard to put yourself out there but what do you have to lose? You could be connected to their friends who turn out to be a lifelong friend or connect you with someone who can help you down the road on a new assignment.

Larissa Eckman is an Account Manager in the Rehab Therapy division of Aureus Medical Group.

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