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10 Apps All Travel Nurses & Techs Need To Download

There are many different aspects of travel assignments for healthcare workers. Organizing everything from personal finances, emailing copies of certifications, worrying about transportation, and of course meeting friends in your new city is quite the undertaking! One of the best ways to make life easier for yourself as a traveler is by having the right apps on your smart phone.

In today’s society, everything is at our fingertips. As we know, not only do we use our phones to keep in touch, but we can utilize them to help organize our lives. Whether you’re an experienced travel nurse or a first time travel tech, you’ll want to be sure to download these apps before your next assignment!

This one is essential! CamScanner allows you to scan documents with your phone and convert them to PDFs that you can email, fax, or save to your cloud to print later. This is perfect for sending copies of certifications or forms to your recruiter or manager.

Along the Way
Although this app will cost you $2.99, it can make the drive to your assignment significantly more enjoyable. With this app, you can search your route for anything – food stops, campgrounds, hotels, national parks and more! Along the Way even provides information such as hours and directions.

This app provides you with information and last-minute deals on available hotel rooms! Maybe you were planning on driving all night to reach your destination, but you’re too tired. HotelTonight will use your location to find something close and find you a great rate!

GasBuddy allows you to find the cheapest gas and closest gas. It’s perfect for when you’re on the road or when you haven’t quite figured out where everything is in your new city.

Uber or Lyft
These popular apps might already be on your phone, but don’t forget about them! Uber and Lyft make it easy to get where you need to go. They both tend to be cheaper than taxis, use your location to pick you up, and allow you to pay through their app.

Mint is a personal finance app that allows you to see everything in one place. You can use it to manage your bills and money, save money, budget and more. Many healthcare workers travel because they can find high-paying assignments and make more money. Mint is a great way to track it!

Petlovers, this one’s for you! This app allows you to easily find pet-friendly hotels, which is perfect when you’re on the road to your assignment. You can also search for nearby dog parks and pet-friendly outdoor restaurants!

Sometimes you’ll be lucky enough to have a great workout facility at your apartment complex or close to your Airbnb. That’s not always the case though. Sworkit is a customizable workout app. You can choose from different exercises and programs that you can do without a gym.

This one is also a must-have for travelers! Meetup is an app that brings people together to do what they love. There are groups for everything – nurses, fitness, dog-lovers, new in town groups, and so on.

There are a variety of countdown apps out there and they’re all awesome! Whether you’re counting down the days until your next assignment or want to use it to set reminders for due dates, it’s a super handy tool.

Of course there are thousands of other apps out there as well. Travelers, what apps have you found to be useful while on the road or on assignment? Share in the comments below!

Jillian Heywood is a Recruiter for the Aureus Medical Social Media Recruitment Team.

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