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You Know You’re Ready to be a Travel Tech When…

Leaving a permanent healthcare position to travel is a big change, and a decision that should be done with a lot of forethought. I talk to travel techs everyday as a recruiter, and what I consistently hear them say is, “my only regret is I didn’t start sooner”. But, how do you know if you’re ready to start a travel career? Well, I’m glad you asked. Read on to learn about some ways to determine when you’re ready.

You’re comfortable in your skills and ready to expand them.
Have you been working as a healthcare professional for a minimum of two years? Are you registered? If you answered yes to both questions, and have the desire to take your career to new heights; the time to travel is now. Given the nature of travel, it’s not meant for people brand new to their modality, but rather for those who are already confident in their skills and ready to make an immediate impact by helping cover staffing shortages at various facilities. And because the people at facilities across the nation tend to do things differently, traveling will also offer you the opportunity to expand your skills and learn new techniques. It’s a total win-win because you’ll be offering up your expertise while also sharpening your skills in new environments.

You’re seeking change and new experiences.
Traveling helps keep life fresh and exciting because you’re able to mix things up every 13 weeks. It’s possible you’ve lived in the same city your whole life, maybe you’re hoping to meet different people and grow your network, or perhaps you’re just curious about what else is out there. The reasons could be endless, but if you’ve had the feeling like life is stagnant and you’re looking for more, you definitely need to explore travel as a tech. You’ll have so many stories to tell and you’ll grow as an individual in ways you never expected.

The time is right.
Living life on the road and traveling as a healthcare professional can be tricky to finagle so it’s important to plan ahead and consider the timing of when you want to begin an assignment. Some important things to keep in mind are: what will you do about your current housing situation, what kind of responsibilities do you have at home, are the holidays approaching, and where are you in your career?  These questions reveal why planning ahead is key. For instance, you may want to wait before taking an assignment if you just signed a year-long apartment lease or if it’s October when you’re considering your first assignment and you’ve never been away from home for the holidays.

Travel can be a wonderful option for individuals who don’t have a ton of responsibilities keeping them at home or for those who are approaching retirement age and want to spend the last couple years of their career working and seeing the country at the same time. The answer is going to be different for everyone, but considering when the appropriate time is to make the switch to travel and then planning accordingly for it will help ensure the transition smooth.

Now I want to hear from you. Comment below with how you knew you were ready to start your travel career.

Katie Lutmer is a Recruiter for the Aureus Medical Social Media Recruitment Team.

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