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Attitude & Adaptability – Pros/Cons of Traveling

Traveling is pictured as the next great adventure! Spending time exploring, trying new jobs, meeting new people. Often, the negative points of traveling can get overlooked by the idealism that surrounds traveling. Although it is difficult, having a positive attitude can impact how well you do on your assignment and help you to overcome the inclines in front of you.

New faces and people can be burdensome, especially when it comes to different personalities. Suddenly, authoritative figures appear in your life and can dictate your performance, time, and overall day. It can be even harder if you didn’t interview with the manager and aren’t sure of their own strengths and weaknesses. The truth is, trying to find a good stride with sudden changes like these can really throw you off. It’s important to be flexible on this and seek a happy middle. Compromise can be very rewarding, and although it’s difficult, the hospital relies heavily on you to help relieve their permanent staff.

Some of the advantages of traveling are new housing, new neighborhood, new people to be around, and even more. This can affect people very differently. Some people are excited about the idea of a new adventure, finding their way around, and new digs. Others don’t love how quickly things change – if you do a 13-week assignment, that’s four a year, meaning four new apartments in one year. It can be difficult on the traveler. Not to mention the varying logistics of getting around in cities, depending on the area.

A new hospital means new set up, new procedures, new manager; it’s a lot to get used to! Added stress such as last minute shift or duty changes can be tough. The difficulty can be finding yourself in a situation where the original details of your assignment are changed. You may feel your hands are tied. This is a great time to ask what you can do to be more adaptable in your role.

Our most successful travelers have one tool that some do not, and that’s attitude and adaptability. Being someone who can tackle challenges head on can be a great advantage, especially if you’re unafraid to step outside of your own comfort zone. There are so many crucial parts when it comes to traveling; you can make it easier on yourself by simply going with the flow and being flexible (within reason). Although you may find yourself frustrated and stuck, it’s important to ask these questions ahead of time to prepare yourself. Do you foresee anything changing about the job description? Will I be required to help on other shifts? What can I do to ensure my role stays as is? Rising to the challenge can also distinguish you as a crucial and versatile member of a team.

Reva Baumann is an Account Manager in the Medical Laboratory division of Aureus Medical Group.

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