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Aureus Medical Recognizes 2012 Contract Healthcare Employees of the Year

Our extraordinary employees are what make Aureus Medical Group one of the top healthcare staffing agencies in the nation! We honored our Contract Employees of the Year at a special recognition dinner held on September 27 in Omaha, Nebraska, home of our corporate headquarters. Congratulations to all of the winners!


Aureus Medical employee Jonathan M. (r) with Rehabilitation Therapy Employee of the Year, Joe T.

Joe T., Occupational Therapist Assistant
Joe T. has been awarded the honor of 2012 Employee of the Year for the Rehabilitation Therapy Division of Aureus Medical Group. Joe is the type of traveler we all wish for, and would give anything to be able to have a 1000 more just like him.  He is incredibly reliable, missing work only a few times in the last 5 years of contracts, with little to no time off.  Joe exudes positivity wherever he goes, and tends to bring everyone around him up to his level of fun.  More than once, Joe has heard that more than anything the employees and residents of a facility miss his bellowing laugh upon his departure.  Joe has a special ability to motivate the unmotivated, brighten the day of all those around him, and turn once tense situations into easy going interactions.  While on assignment, Joe has repeatedly been asked to stay or come back, proves to be incredibly flexible and willing to do whatever he can to help out, and is always willing to take the most difficult patients for the good of the team.  We are extremely proud to have him representing Aureus Medical in the field.


Aureus Medical employees Dan T. (l) and Mark E. (r) with Medical Laboratory Employee of the Year, Daphne P.


Daphne P., Medical Technologist
Daphne has been awarded the honor of 2012 Employee of the Year for the Medical Laboratory Division of Aureus Medical Group. Daphne has worked for Aureus for over three years and completed many assignments. She is a wonderful representation of our company with her attitude and work ethic.  She handles working in the busiest labs with a smile on her face.  One client even requested her back around Christmas as they considered her family and wanted to make sure she was there for the holiday party. We are truly lucky to have Daphne as part of the Aureus Medical team!


Aureus Medical employees Michele A. (l) and Mark E. (r) with Diagnostic Imaging Employee of the Year, Annie A.



Annie A., CT/X-Ray Technologist
Annie has been awarded the honor of 2012 Employee of the Year for the Diagnostic Imaging Division of Aureus Medical Group. Annie has worked for Aureus since 2004 and completed over 23 assignments. She is such a hard worker, putting in over 45 hours a week and working the overnight shifts. Our hospitals adore her and have provided only glowing evaluations. Annie is the epitome of a model traveler!



Aureus Medical employees Lee K. (l) and Cindy S. (r) with Cardio Employee of the Year, Amy M.


Amy M., Respiratory Therapist
Amy has been awarded the honor of 2012 Employee of the Year for the Cardiopulmonary Division of Aureus Medical Group. Amy has worked eight assignments for Aureus over the past three years. Every manager she has worked with has been very complimentary of her and said that if they have another need, she would be their first call. She has invested in 15 state licenses and has all of the certifications possible in order to make herself more marketable. Her excellent attitude helps her stand out from the crowd. We are lucky to have Amy as a part of the Aureus Medical team!



Aureus Medical employees Rebecca M. (far l), Lisa C. (l), Leslie B. (r), and Linda H. (far r) with Nursing Employee of the Year, Michelle B.


Michelle B., RN (ER)
Michelle has been awarded the honor of 2012 Employee of the Year for the Nursing Division of Aureus Medical Group. Michelle has worked with Aureus since August 2010 and is currently on her fifth assignment. She’s always bubbly and positive, and has a refreshingly positive outlook on life and every day events. Whether she’s working in a pediatric ER, or a busy trauma setting, Michelle remains the picture of calm and collected. Her smile and attitude are truly contagious. The patients and staff around her have recognized that she’s one of the best ER RNs around. One client said, “Honestly, Michelle has been an asset to our department.  We were so pleased to have her for this time.” Michelle is the consummate professional and Aureus is proud to have her as part of the Aureus Medical team.

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