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What are the requirements to become a travel nurse?

A nurse or nursing student seeking to pursue a career in travel nursing may wish to consider how she stacks up against the requirements. While the profession offers a world of opportunities for a nurse, it could take some time before she is ready.

Here are the top two requirements for becoming a travel nurse:

Work experience.A travel nurse is required by most employers to have at least one year experience in a nursing specialty in a hospital or medical clinic. However, as with most jobs, many employers will prefer to hire a nurse with more experience, two to three years is often ideal. During that year or more, a nurse should strive for discipline and a strong work ethic that shows the quality of her skills and dedication to the profession.

Flexibility to travel.
While a young nurse or nursing student may believe becoming a travel nurse is fun, it also requires hard word, dedication and a flexible schedule. She may wish to consider all of the pros and cons of becoming a travel nurse, as well as determine if her schedule and responsibilities are flexible enough for the position. A travel healthcare professional needs to be flexible on travel location, contract length, living situation and contract hours. The goal of a travel nurse is too not only see the country, but to learn new methods of doing things in order to improve her skillset.