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A travel nurse should consider tax consultation

It's almost that time of year again – tax season. A travel nurse may consider finding a tax consultation agency that is experienced with professionals in her industry.

A major benefit of travel healthcare contracts is the potential to qualify for numerous tax deductions as a medical staffing professional. A nurse may be able to file for housing, transportation and various other deductions as long as she meets certain Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requirements.

Travel work can be fiscally, professionally and personally rewarding. Nurses can increase the chance of all three by consulting a tax agency that is experienced with maneuvering the various guidelines and regulations of the industry. Many nurses miss the opportunity to put a bit more in their pockets come tax season because they are not aware of the potential claims they can submit.

A travel nurse can contact her agency, which may be able to assist in searching for a tax accountant who is well-versed in medical travel filing. The additional deduction she may be eligible for could surprise her.