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October 16-18, 2014
Texas Physical Therapy Association
Galveston, TX
Booth #305

October 16-18, 2014
Rosemont, IL
Booth #713

October 17-18, 2014
California Occupational Therapy Association
Pasadena, CA
Booth #300

September 25-28, 2014
Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (SDMS)
Louisville, KY
Booth #214

October 22-23, 2014
Nebraska Hospital Association
Lincoln, NE
Booth #TBD

October 24-25, 2014
California Physical Therapy Association
Oakland, CA
Booth #220

October 26-29, 2014
Medical Group Management Association (MGMA)
Las Vegas, NV
Booth #1322

October 27-29, 2014
American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP)
Chicago, IL
Booth #2132

October 31-November 1, 2014
Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association
Lancaster, PA
Booth #TBD


What leadership skills will a travel nurse or travel therapist need to succeed?

Every industry requires a leader and while a travel nurse or travel therapist may only be on a temporary assignment, she can leave a professional impression. Industry leaders exemplify the key qualities of the career and present coworkers and superiors with competency.

A travel nurse or travel therapist may need to use practical skills to successfully provide dynamic leadership at work. Quality leaders are passionate and dedicated to the tasks as hand. People who constantly express negative opinions can decrease employee moral. A nurse or therapist should lead by example and exemplify quality patient care, professionalism and an upbeat attitude.

Communication is another key leadership strength a travel nurse or travel therapist may wish to develop. Focusing on clear and concise word choice, proper body language and tone can increase a medical professional's ability to deliver news with authority regardless of the situation. 

According to the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, leadership competence influences patient outcomes, continuous learning, relationships with customers, effective uses of resources, successful strategic planning and procedure compliance.