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Celebrating Neurodiagnostic Week

Once again, Aureus Medical would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge the year-round efforts of the Neurodiagnostic professionals around the world. Aureus Medical wanted to be a part of spreading the mission of Neurodiagnostic Week (April 19-25, 2015).

Traveler’s Guide to Spring Cleaning

Springtime always brings "spring cleaning" but for a healthcare professional traveling around the country, what does that mean? As you put on your spring clothes and pull out the lightweight jackets, do you think about cleaning your travel gear? Hmm…most travelers probably don't.

Celebrate National Occupational Therapy Month With New Apps!

According to Flurry, as reported on, 86% of our time on the mobile web is spent on apps. So in honor of App love and National Occupational Therapy month, I am bringing you a list of apps that may be useful.

Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year again. The weather is starting to warm up, the sun stays out a little bit longer, and everyone is looking forward to partaking in more outdoor activities. It is also the time that most of us dedicate to getting rid of all the remnants that winter has left behind.

11 Essential Questions to Ask When Comparing New Grad RN Residency Programs

When looking for new grad positions, it is very common to come across new grad residency programs of various types. These programs, designed to help make the transition easier for former students entering the workforce, are extremely competitive and diverse.

Preparing for a Career Fair

Spring is a busy time here in the office as we prepare for the numerous career fairs we attend each year. This also means that many of you are also busy doing the same. Here are a few quick tips as you start to prepare for your school’s career fair.

Finding “The One” on the Road – A Traveler’s Fairytale

As a Recruiter, the most rewarding part of my job by far is getting the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. Every once in a while there is an extra special experience. Here’s one of those extra special experiences I’d like to share with you.

Standing Out in the Crowd

Actively applying for a new job or contemplating a job change can be overwhelming. One important factor many applicants forget about is making a good first impression. Many times your first impression is with a recruiter. Whether you're planning to relocate across the county, across town or dive into travel, your recruiter is an advocate