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For the Traveling Sports Fan: Top 10 College Football Venues You MUST See

If you are a college football fan or someone who likes to check out fun events while traveling around the U.S. as a healthcare professional, this article is for you! With football just around the corner, it’s only fitting to list the top 10 college football atmospheres around the country.

Radiation Cowboys

Cancer is the nation’s largest killer and chances are you have been or will be affected by cancer. The American Cancer Society estimates that 1 in 2 American males and 1 in 3 women will develop some form of cancer. Dosimetrists diligently fight to eradicate cancer and are part of a largely uncelebrated team in the treatment process.

Documenting Your Adventures!

Whether you are heading out on your first travel assignment or your twentieth, part of the reason you chose to travel is to see all the sights that a new location has to offer. Part of the excitement of traveling to a new location is capturing your adventures and sending them to your loved ones at home or sharing on social media. While out on the road make sure you are fully equipped with the best camera for your traveling situation.

Take It Easy

If you graduated recently, you probably remember studying for your board exams fondly. Well, maybe not so fondly. Studying for your boards can be pretty stressful and it’s likely that you had to put most other areas of your life aside for a period of time. There is still some summer left, so we want to make sure you unwind a little before you begin your work as a full-time rehab therapist.

Aureus Medical Announces Contract Employees of the Quarter

Aureus Medical is happy to announce its Employees of the Quarter. Employees are nominated by their Account Managers each quarter. The winners will then be included in the Employee of the Year nominations. Congratulations to all!

Don’t Be a Victim of Social Media

If you search headlines about social media you are likely to hear about how social media is affecting the workplace both positively and negatively. Companies are using social media to promote open positions, the company itself, and overall what they are doing. This has also become a topic of discussion as social media is being used to research potential candidates for hire as well as their current employees.

Joint Commission Audit / Personal File Helpful Hints

It is that time when Aureus Medical is in its Joint Commission audit window. Joint Commission’s goal is to make sure that we as a company are following our internal policies and procedures. We must maintain current employee records as well. This all leads to their ultimate goal which is patient safety and satisfaction. Therefore, what can you do as a traveling healthcare professional to help ensure the highest level of patient safety and stay compliant with Joint Commission standards?

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Packing up your whole life and moving across the country to another state can be stressful and overwhelming. Countless thoughts are running through your head. Anxiety can get the best of you, and feeling homesick only worsens that anxiety. Here are a few tips to help you adjust and fall in love with your new home as you begin your career as a travel therapist.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Although summertime is a time of year that we all look forward to, it can also be a time when the thought of “swimsuit season” can be depressing for some. Learn how you can incorporate consistent exercise into your life without it involving a big time commitment.

Pay Ain’t Everything

He was one of my first RN recruits 9 years ago when I started as an Account Manager. Andrew had two years of experience in a 400-bed level II trauma hospital in Arkansas, with no previous travel experience. He was definitely a placeable candidate, as long as hospitals were ok with his two years of experience.

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