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Merry Christmas and Happy Facebooking!

As this year is coming to a close, the Imaging Team at Aureus Medical has decided we need to be in contact more with our wonderful contract employees, so we have created our own Facebook page just for the Imaging department.

Don’t Miss out on Your Top Spot during Peak Season

With the New Year approaching, many travelers are starting to consider where they want to go next on assignment. It’s a pretty safe bet that many will choose destinations that have peak seasons. My question to you – have you done your research yet?

Surviving the Holidays Away from Home

Everywhere you look, there is a subtle (not-so subtle) hint that the holidays are here. I wish I could say that I’m not going to reflect on the holidays, but lying simply isn’t polite. I am, however, going to give you my personal survival tips on getting through the holidays when you aren’t home.

Hot Destinations Part III: Florida

Average summer temperatures in the 80s, average winter temperatures in the 50s-60s, 1,200 miles of coastline – do you know what destination I’m describing? (Hint: read the headline!) Last stop on our journey of the hottest destinations for traveling healthcare professionals is Florida, where you will find opportunities for adventure around every corner.

“Thank You”

If you follow my blog series, you’ll undoubtedly know that last year I recommended we party like it’s 1895! Some of you got it right away and some of you had to read the article. It’s that time of year that we once again celebrate National Radiologic Technology Week in recognition of the birth of Radiology.

Hot Destinations Part II: Arizona

The next stop on our journey of the hottest destinations for those in the travel healthcare industry is none other than the Grand Canyon State – Arizona! Because Arizona is widely known for the Grand Canyon, you might think it has nothing else to offer. I’m here to tell you this: you’re wrong!

Say YES to November with Some of These Fun Fall Festivals!

It is safe to say that fall is a universally well-liked season. Not only is the weather gorgeous, but football games are played every weekend and the pumpkin patch is open! Overall, fall is a beautiful time of year with a wide array of activities to do before the weather turns too chilly.

Celebrate National Respiratory Care Week

Respiratory Care Week, which is October 19-26, is a wonderful time to celebrate, recognize and thank all of the respiratory care professionals for their accomplishments throughout the year. Your display of dedication, compassion, patience and problem-solving skills are important qualities in being successful at a profession that requires you to do so much…performing diagnostic tests, […]

It’s Time to Start Thinking about Tax Season!

Believe it or not, it’s almost tax time! Now is the time to get organized before the April 15th deadline feels like its breathing down your neck.

October Is National Physical Therapy Month!

Happy Physical Therapy month to the hardworking Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants out there! Thank you for all that you do on a daily basis and it does not go unrecognized! Now it’s time to celebrate all that physical therapy can bring to people’s lives and give kudos to those who provide superb patient care.

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